Introducing the new, leak-proof way to transport wine! Wine Skin is the go-anywhere, ship-anywhere bottle enclosure with the leak-proof seal.

WineSkin is today’s solution for wine shipment and transport realities. Consider the challenges associated with the movement of wine today:
• Prohibitions against liquids on flights
• Potential for breakage when packed in checked luggage
• Packaging costs associated with parcel shipments
• Other packaging that is bulky, clumsy or ineffective and expensive

For every wine-transport problem,
WineSkin is the solution, WineSkin is:
• A tough, flexible and durable vinyl wrap with double-sealed seams all around
• A protective, bubble-wrap interior that provides shock and impact absorption
• A dual-strip sealing system with a leak-proof lock in the event of breakage
• Affordable and attractive
• The perfect way to extend your brand by adding your logo or artwork

Wine Skin emballez vos bouteilles en toute securite.

WineSkin est pour vous!

Transportez vos bouteilles en soute sans aucun soucis!
• Fabriqué dans un plastique flexible et résistant
• Doublé d’une enveloppe à bulles
• Sécuritaire
• Esthétique
• Résistant
• Léger et durable
• Très abordable