Gourmet coffee and tea in an instant
NX® Coffee Capsules offer a convenient, high-quality alternative to purchasing Nespresso®* compatible coffee. Each capsule holds only the finest gourmet blends – ready when required for an authentic coffee experience. Now Nespresso®* machine owners can finally enjoy a range of premium tea blends and infusions in the mess-free convenience of a capsule. Each tea capsule holds the finest tea leaves expertly sealed and individually foil wrapped to lock in freshness and aroma.

Convenient and mess free
Every NX® Capsule is an individually wrapped and sealed masterpiece of flavour, character and just-roasted taste. Choose your favourite, unlock the aroma and enjoy. Each coffee capsule holds freshly roasted coffee, perfectly ground and then sealed in a capsule. The tea capsules are made with a patented microfiltration technology gives an exceptional taste and unsurpassed clarity. Patented technology releases the finest flavour and aroma from the tea leaves and reduces brew time by up to 90% compared to traditional methods.

Gourmet flavour, coffee shop quality
NX® Coffee Capsules deliver the smoothest crema and excellent taste. A perfect balance of high quality beans and precise roast provides you coffee shop quality from the comfort of your home.

NX® Origins Café Capsules utilize high quality single origin beans, carefully selected from the finest coffee producing regions in the world to create distinctive regional flavours.

NX® Fine Tea Capsules utilize Dualit’s taste-boosting breakthrough technology to extract an explosion of flavour in seconds. The leaf, bud and tender stem are hand plucked from tea bushes growing in the finest tea gardens to create superior flavoured teas and infusions by tea experts

*Nespresso® trademark is owned by Societe des Produits Nestlé S.A.
Dualit Capsules are not suitable for use in professional or in wall machines